dilluns, 19 de juny de 2017

Song exchange Year 5

Students in year 5 did a skype meeting with students in Turkey! 
After that, some students wanted to stay and keep talking to them. The conversation turned into a song exchange! 

Let's watch the video!

Irregular Verbs in Year 6

Students in Year 6 have been learning the Irregular Verbs
 through a video that teacher David sent to us! 

Here you can have a look! 

dilluns, 22 de maig de 2017

Goodbye LAs

Wednesday was the last day for Lucía and Núria as Language Assistants in our school. And Friday 19th of May was the last day for Marta and Laura too. Students in Year 6 wanted to show them how thankful they are. 

So here you can watch some goodbye videos! 

dimarts, 16 de maig de 2017

Theatre Sherlock Holmes

The students of 3rd and 4th level watched the play of Sherlock Holmes . Here there are some photos.

Theater Goldilocks

The students of Kindergarten and 1st and 2nd level Primary watched the Goldilocks play.
Here there are some photos.